The greatest gift you can give a Writer is a review.

Welcome to all readers who love to lose themselves in words, adventure and romance.

It’s not much, yet, and I am still growing as a writer, but it is fun and makes for good reading.

I have recently self published my Tango novella and  am wrapping up edits on a second romance to be part of an anthology filled with romance, intrigue mystery and an ancient goblet.

To quote the amazing Melanie Page:

The Wishing Cup, is a collection of linked novellas which trace a precious Egyptian artefact from ancient Egypt, across war-torn France and through modern South Africa. Authors Wren St Claire, Melanie Page, Tanya Kean and M C Dalton have collaborated to trace, not only the journey of the object, but also the impact it has on the love-lives of the couples who drink from it. Did someone fail to mention the ancient binding spell? Oops!”

Another anthology filled with four delicious short romances from us four amazing  authors is due  SOON — Romancing the Stones.

My first novel sized fiction adventure which entails healing, woman power, horses and of course, romance — Epona has been sent off to the editor and I hope to publish it by years end, (2017).

I am currently working on another short romance. Shards of Light. I know you will love it.

Isabella an up and coming artist, who now lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in south east Queensland, Australia wakes up every morning searching for her past. A victim of a terror attack two years prior has robbed her of all her memories. Her shattered mind refuses to heal, but her heart endeavours to remind her that she’s left some one behind.



Numbers and the Tango

I like to think of myself as a romance author, but have written a few pieces one would categorize in different genres — I hope to publish these in an EBook of short stories soon.

Love and fantasy, however, remain my favorite subjects.

Enjoy what I have to offer.



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