Summer Day.


Far on the horizon, over there where the earth touches the heaven.

My eyes squint as the sun rises from her slumber.

What a long night it has been. No moon and no stars.

My eyes follow the dawn as it tickles the sky with the tips of her fiery hair.

 Her bright presence weaves its magic as color melts from dark to lighter hues of purple and orange.

The more she climbs up, and over the edge of the earth. The more she reveals her hot glowing self; the darkness wanes.

Her warm fingers touch my hair and caress my cheeks.  

Her pledge to me; it will be a scorching day.

A day drenched in heat.

A day to spend reveling under her radiant gaze.

Balancing on the edge of the sky. Her brilliant smile wakes the earth.

A million diamond fairies dance across

the waters. Calling to me.

“Come and play, come and play.”

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