This post is spontaneous and born from pain. This is for those who lost precious loved ones this week (and all of us that have ever lost any one too soon). I feel you and for you.

Remember always to love; always!

Death you miserable creature.

You slink and slide through life

You show yourself only in its heartbreak

Where are you when there are those who call for your mercy!?

You ignore them and feed on their suffering.

You walk beside those who are full of life

Dipping your straw,

needing their light.

Your laughter echoes through deathly hallows

Your only pleasure found in reaping the young

You sadistic beast of the dark.

Stand before me

Face me with those eyes of sulfur fire

Show me your true self

I fear you no more!

I will see you on the other side

And then,

I will laugh,

I will spit in your face.

We will live on in the stars and rainbows

For we are made of eternity

Your are but a dying  Nova.

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