I really should…….


I really should be cleaning the house today,

The evidence; a herd of Wilde beast spoor trampled across my tiles.

I see the philistines got into the cookie jar again!

Crumbs, everywhere,

Oh look!

The laundry basket exploded;

I think it’s the socks fault – they really do smell,

Pieces of dirty sweaty clothing are strewn from here to Tymbuktu!

I really need to pack away the dishes,

And load the hungry washer with more.

I should be prancing about, duster in one hand, Glen 20 in the other and Adele blaring on the stereo.

My head should be filled with ideas for dinner this evening,

Not stories and great adventures I could bring to life on paper.

But I find myself not giving a damn.

I find myself enjoying the peace and quiet.

I find myself glued to enchanted pages,

Devouring the imaginative worlds of others.

I prefer to lose myself inside my head.

It really is so much more fun than hunting down the culprit

Who left the butter outside the fridge?

I really should be……

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