It smells of Summer.


Have you ever smelt Summer?

No, not the sweet honeysuckle that Spring sprinkles into the air after the first rains.

I am talking about the searing scent that pushes up into your nostrils the moment the suns fingers crack open the horizon.

That sticky, melting, delightful smell reminding us of blistering days spent in orchards beneath the bursting oranges and bleeding pomegranate.

The tang that bombards your olfactory nerves beseeching every cell in your body to be outside, lying sprawled beneath the cool green leaves of a tree.

That conflagrant whiff that illuminates the minds image of surfer waves and crystal pools while drinking Pina Colada.

Have you ever smelt Summer?

2 thoughts on “It smells of Summer.

  1. Your alliteration is amazing and evocative. This poem is sensual as you desired to share your feelings with your readers. We in the Northern Hemisphere wish to return to summer as we fall into winter so soon.

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