Memories of Love.


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Isabella Irish, an up and coming artist, wants to get on with her new life after a bomb blast robs her of her memories. Mark Cornwall, her manager, persistently pushes for more than a working relationship. The appearance of a stranger stirs lost memories and deep feelings she can’t explain. Roses, honeysuckle, and a brush with death, lead Isabella to uncover her past and the true love of her life.

Numbers and the Tango



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A romantic suspense Novella.

A dance lesson and a white lie bring two lonely souls from different worlds together. Derek Durrant, mathematical genius and respected actuary, has a heart of gold but his tragic childhood has left him shy, socially awkward and prisoner to his world of numbers and certainty.

Passionately beautiful Tango instructor, Alessandra Aquilar, lives in the shadows of her dark and dangerous past. Fear makes her keep everyone at bay. When they meet through Tango, neither can deny the strong emotions the dance brings to life. But can Tango empower Derek to find the courage to confess his love to Alessandra? And can Alessandra return the love and kindness the enigmatic Derek shows her, or will threats from her past return to destroy her future happiness?

Romance on the Go:


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A collection of short fantasy romances.

This book is a compilation of four short fantasy romances and one poem. It’s an easy read for when you’re catching the bus, the train or waiting on the reception area of a hotel, doctors room or hairdresser.
The poem has no romantic connotation but is a dedication to all woman no matter where we find ourselves in life. To remind us of our own strength, to love and cherish ourselves before seeking it in the arms of another.
Happy reading.
Calliope Jane — Cupid has fallen in love. Now she has to make one of the greatest sacrifices known to angels in order to find ultimate peace and eternal love.
The Naming Tree — we follow Nuru as she journeys to the naming tree to receive a blessing few are granted.
For Love Alone — Lulu comes to terms with the return of her husband from the war, but all is not as it seems.
The Darkest Tango — Not all spells are weaved from blood and chants. Simona and Phillipe, beings older than the earth itself have found a way to eternal life through dance.
I am Woman — A poem dedicated to all woman everywhere.


A brand NEW Romantic Suspense Novella

Watch this space!


To be re-released in 2019 by

A collaborative novel written by the Awesome MC D’Alton and Melanie Page.

Beauden Somerton is dying and he knows it. Then some fascinating research by an enterprising medical student puts hope within his reach. As she strives to mend his failing heart, he seeks to win hers.

Galena Tindale’s dream of being the first female graduate of Edinburgh Medical College comes crashing around her ears. Then she is offered a new opportunity, one that defies belief – and every medical convention.

Beauden and Galena, with the help of family and friends, must overcome prejudice and greed if they are to save both their hearts.




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