A short romantic Novella.

Numbers and the Tango

A dance lesson and a white lie bring two lonely souls from different worlds together. Derek Durrant, mathematical genius and respected actuary, has a heart of gold but his tragic childhood has left him shy, socially awkward and prisoner to his world of numbers and certainty.

Passionately beautiful Tango instructor, Alessandra Aquilar, lives in the shadows of her dark and dangerous past. Fear makes her keep everyone at bay. When they meet through Tango, neither can deny the strong emotions the dance brings to life. But can Tango empower Derek to find the courage to confess his love to Alessandra? And can Alessandra return the love and kindness the enigmatic Derek shows her, or will threats from her past return to destroy her future happiness?

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Women’s fiction with romantic elements.

Sadie Munro has lost those she loves in a wicked, murderous attack. She is left scarred and traumatised as she makes her way from the smouldering ashes of her farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa to her only remaining family in the Scottish Highlands.

She is taking a chance, having never met her grandsire, the man who so easily exiled his son and turned his back on his only heir. But along the way, fate intervenes in the form of Blane Buchan. A fortune hunting CEO turned farmer, and a runaway blue roan mare.

But just when she thinks she’s found acceptance and a safe haven, her past returns to take its vengeance. Will Sadie come to terms with her loss? Or will she give in and allow herself to drown in her sorrow and guilt? Will she find the strength to make it through and accept the love and forgiveness in the form of her grandparents, a lost mare and their dashing neighbor from London? And will she survive those who plot in the shadows of her past?

Romancing the Stones

An Anthology of short stories.

A collection of four short stories based on the theme of precious gems and finding ones true love.

The Wishing Cup

An Anthology of novellas.

The Wishing Cup, is a collection of linked novellas which trace a precious Egyptian artefact from ancient Egypt, across war-torn France and through modern South Africa. Authors Wren St Claire, Melanie Page, Tanya Kean and M C Dalton have collaborated to trace, not only the journey of the object, but also the impact it has on the love-lives of the couples who drink from it. Did someone fail to mention the ancient binding spell? Oops!


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