Music and Romance

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Music is a powerful mood changer. It can uplift or crush with a single stroke of melodic genius. It can energize us or make us want to snuggle up with a book and a warm cup of tea. It affects us on so many levels our layman’s brain battle to comprehend – we only enjoy.

Music plays a great role in most everybody’s daily lives and culture.

But that is not what I want to talk about here. No, I want to acknowledge those few favorite tunes (and each one of us has them) which fill our hearts with nostalgia and a longing to connect on a higher level. There is a plethora of romantic music out there, but I narrowed the lengthy list down to four songs.

In this blog, I want to discuss the Romance of Music.



The first one is called Lullaby, and it is performed by the Dixie Chicks.

It is a song, sung by a mother to her child. When I listen to it, the tune takes me to a faraway place in my head.

A hot summers night beneath old Oak trees. Long sleeves of Spanish moss and white lanterns hang from their broad branches. Firefly’s dart between jade green leaves and the fluffy heads of tallgrass. I smell summer fruits and Sangria. I hear the giggles of small children and the whizzing of fairy wings.

To me, this is romance. And as you will note the world this song has invoked is one all my making.



AR Rahman composed one of the most sensual and enigmatic songs I have ever heard – Mumbai.

The notes sweep you off your feet and whisk you away on a magic carpet ride to the mystical sunrises of ancient cities and sand-dune lands. The pitch and lull of the instruments draw me into a world filled with sabers, majestic horses and billowing satin curtains.

Take a listen – where does it take you?



Lana Del Rey’sBeautiful.

A song chosen for the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby.

They could not have chosen a more poignant tune. Yes, the dark side of me finds the lyrics breathtaking. Is romance only for the young? Are we still worthy of that stomach-churning, butterfly effect when or age tips toward the far side of a half century?

Does love fade as skin sags? Or do we finally understand the meaning of together forever when we puff out the candles on our sixtieth birthday?

This song asks about so much more than that, and one could go on forever debating the subtle messages hidden between the lines. My point is. It brings to life a magic inside, a wanton lust and needy yearning. To me this is romance.


And then there are the ancient tunes of the Celts.

Remodeled to suit our 21st-century ears but powerful none the less.

Adrian Von Ziegler is one of my personal favorites. His powerful anthems awaken past lives and buried memories of adventure and magic. My soul travels back in time, and I find myself standing in a circle of druids giving thanks for a harvest or the return of the season of plenty. My chest swells and my heart fills with the knowledge that love is eternal, powerful and everlasting.



To me, this is the flip side of Romance in Music. It is more than walking in the bushveld at dusk holding hands with the man I love. It is more than the soft touch of his lips on mine. It is the feeling conjured within my very soul by the composition of a few brilliant notes.

I hope some of what I have written here resonates with you and does not read like utter hoohaa. In my next post, I would like to explore places on this planet which awaken the same sense of Amour in us.

Until then… enjoy the music.


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