The Romance of a Place.

There are certain areas on this round ball we call earth, which I know for certain conjure a sense of romance. Places I have seen in photos, then travelled to because they called to my heart.

The red dunes of the Namib are one of those spots and not just any dune, but a specific mountain of soft sand just south of Swakopmund, which overlooks Four Cornerstone, or Vierkant klip. A dune with sand so soft it trickles between my toes like liquid silk.


It’s ever changing facade stares out over the restless, icy waters of the Atlantic. The sun set drenches the golden mica in a sanguine hue. The ocean breeze picks up and the dessert hums in gratitude. The sands which have lain here for millennia whisper secrets and if you still your mind and open your heart, it will make you privy to the soul of the creator.


Standing on that dune watching the sun fade over the tumultuous horizon, the tender stirrings of romance set my heart on fire. Is it the picturesque view? Or is it just the deep-seated knowledge that here in this moment I have never been freer. That right at this very juncture of time I stand center to the heart of the universe.


This to me is Romance.

If at any time you find yourself in Bonnie Scotland, where Tartan is a welcome fashion statement and whiskey is kenned as the water of life. Drive up to the highlands and stand on the edge of a great loch, or in the middle of the heather bedecked  ancient countryside. Enjoy the chilled breeze as it whistles past your ears and cuts you to the bone.


Take off your shoes and dig your toes into its rich soil. Allow the iced damp dirt to fleck and stain your skin as the earth’s heartbeat pulses up your legs and into your very core?

The rugged openness of the Scottish Highlands has always filled our imaginations with adventure and wanderlust. Many a tale has been penned of these timeless hills and valleys with their enormous bodies of water. Stories told of the men and woman who traversed its plains and fought for her freedom.


Yes, this is romance to me, and it stirs my very being.

The edge of the sky cracks open releasing strobes of hot reds, indigo and orange, which lay stark against the black bowled horizon. A hornbill calls and a fish eagle replies. The tall grass stirs as the bush awakens. The hollow yawn of a lion rounding up his pride, greets the waking day. The thorn tree leaves bristle as the spirit of the veld  sweeps along the Savannah. Dew soaked grass, fresh manure, and musky animal hide push up my nostrils and fill my insides with the nostalgia of the first day after creation was complete.


I feel her life force surround me and my blood quickens. There is a presence here which is found nowhere else on this planet. It is the essence of Gaia, and she welcomes all in her embrace.


Africa has many faces, but the bush and its many creatures are the most serene and poignant of them all. The beat of a drum and the cry of hyena. The trumpet of the elephant and the call of the zebra.


This is romance to me.

Where have you travelled or do you simply step out of your front door to greet this surreal hankering?

So you see, there is so much more to this thing we call romance, than two people holding hands or kissing. It is an energy within and something , which when given a chance, we can share with another.






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