The smell and sounds of Romance.


Can the scent of a rose or the sweet perfume of jasmine create an aura of sensuality?



Can the sound of waves lapping against white sandy beaches draw us to that warm place inside, where romance resides?

Yes, I believe it can.

I will always remember the first time I smelled the Ocean. That harsh brine and seaweed bouquet mixed with the balmy fragrance of coconut oil and rum. To this day, I love to stand toes in sand, eyes closed and nose open. It’s a heady scent and one which excites my imagination.

This is romance to me.



A crisp winters night. A bonfire burning bright. The tang of flaming wood dancing before me, spiraling up into the starry sky like a willowy specter. The warm spicy jolt of gluhwein trickling down my throat and warming my belly.

This is romance to me.



The drumming of horse’s hooves, their musty odor. The sheer pleasure of watching them flex their muscles and throw their manes. The scent of polished leather stored in a tack room. Hay and salty molasses, the crunch of saw dust beneath my boots.

This is romance to me.


The clawing incense of wild cosmos blooming in the veld. Their purple hues and shocking pink faces bowing this way and that as the breeze spills their golden dust and bees zoom to collect and pollinate.

This is romance to me.



The ardent aroma of summer. One I remember well from a childhood spent on a farm and in the orchard.

This is romance to me.


I wrote a poem not too long ago when a memory of these times was triggered while juicing oranges.


Have you ever smelt Summer?

No, not the sweet honeysuckle that Spring sprinkles into the air after the first rains.

I am talking about the searing scent that pushes up into your nostrils the moment the suns fingers crack open the horizon.

That sticky, melting, delightful smell reminding us of blistering days spent in orchards beneath the bursting oranges and bleeding pomegranate.

The tang that bombards your olfactory nerves beseeching every cell in your body to go outside, to lay sprawled beneath the cool green leaves of a tree.

That conflagrant whiff that illuminates the minds image of surfer waves and crystal pools while drinking Pina Colada.

Have you ever smelt Summer?



All of these sounds and scents are what conjure that amazing feeling we call romance inside of me.




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