Only Yesterday….

28_04_2016 - 1


Was only yesterday, I stood proud beside the station puffing blue clouds.

Was only yesterday, passengers stepped on and off my carriages.

Was only yesterday, my bright red wheels rolled across valleys and over mountains delivering goods and wood and families.

It was only yesterday, people looked at me with joy and hope.

Was only yesterday the driver fed my belly coal as I chugged and pushed and hooted and groaned across the countryside.

Today I am forgotten.

Today I am nothing.

Today I am only a rusted old relic of a time gone by.

No longer do I shine.

No longer can I puff.

I have no steam with which to sing my lament.

My wheels are blunt and my whistle silenced.

The rails I once ran along so quickly so quickly now lay disused and broken beside me.

Time is such a fickle beast. It loves only itself and forgets all else.